Pre-Placement Health Assessment

At McDonnell Hill located in Cork, Ireland, we offer Pre-placement health assessments which are performed to ensure that candidates are medically fit to do the job and to advise on any accommodations needed in the workplace. It can also provide a baseline for further testing during employment.

    • At McDonnell Hill, we offer a number of options for pre-placement health assessment, depending on the nature of the job and the results of risk assessment, where applicable.  We aim to offer appointments within two working days of the request with a secure, rapid reporting system following the appointment.


    • Online pre placement medical screening is suitable for many jobs, particularly those which are office based. It involves completion of a secure, confidential medical form online. The benefits of online screening include fast turnaround time and ease of completion.


  • Pre-placement health assessment may also be completed at our offices. This allows for baseline testing, for example baseline hearing or lung function check, depending on risk assessment for the job.

We would be happy to discuss your pre-placement assessment needs with you and can advise you about the best type of pre-placement testing for your workplace.