Medical Assessment Services

At McDonnell Hill, located in Cork, Ireland, our medical professionals can provide you with specialist occupational health advice about a wide range of issues affecting the health of your workforce.

  • The way we work has changed- more so in recent times than ever before. More people are now working remotely and our range of assessment services are designed to reflect this, including remote telephone and video medical assessment options.

  • Our medical assessment services include:
  • Telephone Independent Medical Assessment (TIMA)

  • Fitness for work assessments

  • Long-term sickness absence assessment

  • Frequent short term sickness absence assessment

  • Ill-health retirement assessment

  • Workplace assessments (if recommended by risk assessment)

Appointments can be made by telephone and referrals can be made by the secure online portal. We can offer our clients appointments nationwide at our network of clinics.

We will offer you an appointment within two days following referral and will issue a confidential report, with the consent of the employee, within 48 hours of the appointment.

We can assist you in deciding which type of assessment will best suit your needs- get in touch with us here.