Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy

McDonnell Hill, located in Cork, Ireland, provide expert guidance on a range of employer and employee COVID-19 related queries. We host webinars for client organisations on all COVID-19 related topics, such as the following:

  • Work Safely Protocol - COVID-19 National Protocol for Employers and Workers - Updated 16th September 2021
  • Non Pharmacological Measures - Hand Hygiene, Face Coverings, PPE, Respiratory Etiquette, Physical Distancing, Pre-Return to Work Measures, Dealing with a Suspected Case of COVID-19 in the Workplace, Ventilation and Cleaning.

  • Pharmacological Measures - COVID-19 Vaccination Program
  • Guidance on Vaccine Safety and Vaccine Effectiveness.

  • Vulnerable (High Risk and Very High Risk) Employees Fitness for Work Assessments
  • We provide independent fitness for work medical assessments to employees, who are deemed more vulnerable than the average employee to COVID-19 infection.

  • Rapid Antigen Detection Testing Programs in a Workplace Setting.
  • We help to design and deliver Rapid Antigen Detection Testing in the Workplace.

  • COVID-19 Induction Training Programs
  • We provide training for Lead Workers Representatives, Safety Representatives, Line Management, Human Resources, Health and Safety Practitioners, and Employees.

If you would like to find out more about how these Covid 19 services could help your organisation, you can contact us here