ACTIVE+ Case Management

At McDonnell Hill, located in Cork, Ireland, we believe that early intervention in sickness absence can have positive benefits for both employer and employee by supporting the employee to return to work safely and at the earliest possible stage.

  • ACTIVE+ is a day one case management service for sickness absence.
  • ACTIVE+ is an early telephone based intervention for sickness absence management.

  • The programme supplements existing absence policies and enables telephone communication between the absentee, their line manager and the ACTIVE+ case manager from the first day of absence.

  • The case manager will follow up with the employee at defined intervals and can provide advice to the employee about appropriate supports available.

  • The case manager can also refer the case for independent medical assessment with an occupational health doctor, typically by day 10.

  • A large study has demonstrated that this approach reduced sickness absence duration by as much as 20% in some cases.

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