About McDonnell Hill

At McDonnell Hill, headquartered in Cork, Ireland, we specialise in offering our clients a quality, client centred occupational health service, based on our clients’ needs and designed exclusively to suit each client’s requirements.

We work with businesses of all sizes and can help you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your organisation.

We know that your organisation’s time is valuable and many of our services can be provided remotely, based on risk assessment, including case management, pre-employment screening and telephone or video medical assessments, providing a cost effective and efficient solution for your business.

In the current economic climate, organisations are seeking cost effective ways of delivering the best employee health programmes they can provide. McDonnell Hill will work with other service providers of our clients e.g. providers of private medical insurance, wellness programs, and primary care to ensure that there is no duplication of services offered.

You can read about our complete list of services or you can contact us to discuss the best solution for your workplace, however big or small that might be.